Your Home As a Model

Are you buying property, or building your own home?

Why not top it off with a unique personal model? We’d be thrilled to craft your home or favorite building as a LEGO® model. All we need to get started is some pictures and the basic floor plans. Upon request, models come with interior, surrounding yard and landscape, or additional details. Our models are made from standard Lego elements, yet are delicately crafted to render materials, texture, and ornamentation in the finest fashion possible.

Such a personal model always represents premium craftsmanship and enriches any public or pivate space as a unique eyecatcher – a one-of a-kind experience for you, or for someone special.

Request a quote

Get started now, and send us your ideas via our contact form. Don’t forget to include some pictures and the basic floor plans. And of course, please feel free to give us a call to discuss any other initial questions you may have: +49 (176) 6984 5733.

Modern style, true-to-scale and full of detail

The depicted model is built on a classic 48 x 48 studs baseplate, measuring 38cms / 15″ on each side. It fits into most showcases yet is large enough to be noticed and appreciated. A house like this is built in the classic minifigure scale (approximately 1:45), which allows adding playful details as desired. Creative design techniques and the available elements variety allow rendering very different textures and materials in a stunningly realistic fashion – be it shingles, wall plaster, brick or stone, or wood, or steel, or glass. Check out this and other galleries for modelling techniques, and feel free to contact us!

It will be our pleasure to explore the modelling options for your favorite building.

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