Lego® Art: Mosaics

A distinctive mark for your premium space

The idea of creating mosaics using Lego® bricks or plates is in itself not new. Some example instructions can be found as early as in some of the 60s idea books. Our neighbors on the British isles, who are always good for creative ideas, even had a “mosaic maker” built for one of their London LEGO stores. The “mosaic maker” is a photo both which takes your picture, converts it into a nice black-and-white mosaic, and slides your personal Lego portrait mosaic set to you, all within a few minutes. There are rumors that one of these magic machines will soon also be available in the Berlin flagship store. On top of all that, classical paintings rendered as a Lego mosaic have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years, not least because the growing color palette now allows creating really nice-looking gradations and rendering delicate hues – without having to resort to enormous sizes!

Modern Lego mosaics always make for fascinating eye-catchers. They create a playful atmosphere yet constitute premium decorative pieces in their own right. They are a perfect gift for a special occasion, and they are true crowd magnets at fairs, exhibitions, and company events. They are created using regularly available Lego elements – only in slightly different quantities and with a unique effect!
Because Lego mosaics are essentially a form of pixel art, they work best when keeping to a minimum size and resolution. We recommend a minimum of 64 by 64 studs for portraits, which equals ca. 51 x 51 cms (ca. 20 x 20″). Save for economic reasons, there is almost no upper size limit. We recommend, however, to stay within a lateral length of about 2 meters (ca. 6-7′) for all mosaics which are displayed vertically, i.e. on a wall, especially inside.

Shipment types

We offer mosaics in two basic variants: as a ready-to hang mosaic, or as a set.

In the ready-to-hang version, the Lego baseplates with the Lego plates on them are already mounted on a supporting plate (usually made of wood). The supporting plate is of the same size as the mosaic. It is about 1cm thick (ca. .5″), and painted in dark gray. The supporting plate also already has small fittings on them which allow hanging the mosaic onto two nails or screws.

As a set, the mosaic comes in the form of these components:

  • Lego plates, sorted by color
  • Lego baseplates
  • Instruction as a digital image in .png format
  • Information on the mosaic’s size and measurements
  • Please note that the following is NOT included in mosaics-as-a-set:
    •    the supporting plate
    •    mounting pieces
Request a quote

Use our request form to send us the original which you’d like to see as a Lego® mosaic. Let us know if you would like to put together the mosaic yourself, or if you prefer the ready-to-hang version. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible with first insights on variants, timelines, and costs.

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